* Donations: 

I have consistently contributed my birthday allowance and the money that I got as blessings from the family for a better cause of donations. I donated to Hyderabad Urban Makeover, Robinhood Army, Bring a Smile, Rice Bucket Challenge, Project Recycle Bin and Beat Plastic. I also donated to a few orphanages and old age homes. Every donation has enriched me and has taught me some life lessons. Focusing on others through acts of generosity taught me a lot about myself. Giving can not only provide one with a sense of purpose, but it can also help one discover work that they’re passionate about.

* Nukkad for Waste Management :

Nukkad by volunteers of Ozone Run as young as 5yrs with their energetic chants advocating cleanliness, segregation of waste into right bins that echoed their determination to promote a cleaner community. This served as a powerful reminder that individuals of all ages can make a meaningful impact in ensuring a hygienic and sustainable environment.

* #YetIDid:

Launched by me and my sister is a campaign centred on empowering change and igniting innovation. Rooted in the belief of recognizing and appreciating individuals going beyond the ordinary, this campaign encourages citizens to share their compassionate stories with #YetIDid on social media. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate those paving the way for societal reform.

* Hair Donation:

The act of donating my hair, not once but twice, underscores a commitment to a cause greater than oneself. This social initiative directly contributes to supporting cancer patients, providing them with a tangible source of emotional strength. Each strand of hair donated becomes a symbol of solidarity and compassion.

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