* Adopt a tree & Save Earth : 

I started a campaign called ‘Adopt a tree & Save Earth ‘ at the age of 5 and later went on to become a brand ambassador for Treeism when I was 8yrs old. So far I have donated 30,000 tree saplings in an effort to beat the heatwave in Hyderabad during summers along with my sister. 

As I learnt the effects of deforestation, I realised the need to be a part of restoring the green cover. I started the initiative with my peers and this motivated the rest of the school to join hands in this journey. We replaced the fallen trees with new saplings as a tribute to the revered Dr. Abdul Kalam. The movement rippled through neighbourhoods, inspiring communities to join the cause. Beyond schools, I took the campaign to different business meetings, distributing saplings with the exchange of promise to nurture them. This commitment continues to weave into diverse platforms and projects, reflecting a persistent dedication to restoring the earth’s green cover.

*Volunteer for Save Water And Nature : 

At a tender age of 2, I had the opportunity to campaign for an NGO – Save Water And Nature (SWAN). I participated in the parade with placards. I have volunteered for car free Thursdays, Raahagiri, One Lakh Hands and Rally for Rivers. I highly support organic and sustainable ways of celebrating festivals. This instilled the concepts from early on that boosted my motivation to work towards a green and sustainable environment. My journey with SWAN continues. 

* Lake Revival :

I played a major role in reviving an Urban Lake named Meedikunta (hyderabad) as the highest fund collector for the cause. I had the opportunity to present this project on various platforms and to various organisations. I participated in rallies, street performances to engage the neighbourhood communities to take part in the greater cause of reviving Meedikunta Lake. 

The 15.5 acre Lake Revival Project (#i4Meedikunta), resulted in reducing the incidence of dengue and other mosquito borne diseases by more than 90 percent in the surrounding communities. This benefited the overall health and well-being of not just our school students but also other schools, colleges, business outlets, 200,000+ pilgrims visiting religious outlets every week and around 9,000 families living in the vicinity.

* Founder of Ozone Run ( 2K, 5K & 10K) 

 My Planet , My Responsibility : 

Last year in 2022, at the age of 15, I started Ozone Run, an initiative which contributes to improving the green cover in cities like Hyderabad. Hosting Ozone Run is more than an event; it’s a dynamic endeavour to involve the community actively in increasing the green cover and promote 3R’s of sustainability. Green India Challenge, Hyderabad Runners, Save Soil, British Deputy High Commissioner and many more like minded organisations  joined hands with Ozone Run. I was awarded as the ‘Climate Action Ambassador’ for my efforts. 

This year (2023) I wanted individuals to take up small actions to reduce carbon footprint so created a book called Green Steps.  Happy to share that we have created a greater impact on our communities this year through our ‘Green Steps to Ozone Run’. Along with the run we propose ‘Green Steps’ that everyone can participate at their own pace to reduce the carbon footprint. It has few challenges such as physical health, Solutions to Plastic Pollution, Community Cleanup Drives, Green India Challenge and Organic Festivals. I believe individual contributions will add up to create a sustainable ecosystem. Many like minded schools and organisations conducted community cleanup drives and plantation drives as part of Green Steps to Ozone Run.

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