Hello, I am
Teerdha Vunnam.

A 16 year old
Founder – Ozone Run & Foodiet 
Awarded – Climate Action Ambassador-2022& 2023 by British Deputy High Commission in association with Save Water And Nature.

Entrepreneur since Age 9

At the young age of 9, I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship with Foodiet, a passion-driven initiative offering organic, in-house prepared snacks aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles among children.

Dedicated Philanthropist

I consistently donate my birthday funds to various causes, including Hyderabad Urban Makeover, Robinhood Army, Bring a Smile, Rice Bucket Challenge, Project Recycle Bin, and Beat Plastic. I've also supported orphanages and old age homes. These acts of generosity provide purpose and help me discover meaningful passions and work.

Climate Action Ambassador

At 15, I founded Ozone Run, an endeavor dedicated to enhancing green cover in urban spaces. Recognized as a 'Climate Action Ambassador,' I advocate for environmental sustainability and authored 'Green Steps,' inspiring individual actions to reduce carbon footprints.

An overview of who I am, my passions, and my journey

I am 16 years old but have been a food Entrepreneur since the early age of 9. I am the founder of Foodiet – A healthy snacking store.

I was inspired by my sister who won the Telugu version of KBC. This ignited a spark in me to be an entrepreneur and execute an idea while at the same time becoming financially secure. I chose food as my base as I was interested in it since I was 6 years old. I wanted to create a healthy snacking store so that children my age can indulge in healthy snacking. I make sure all the snacks are prepared in-house which are organic and healthy. 

A Glimpse of my Works!

Environmental Activism

Discover my efforts in environmental sustainability , founding Ozone Run to improve green cover in cities, receiving the Climate Action Ambassador award, and initiating "Green Steps" to encourage small actions for reducing carbon footprint.

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Driven by a passion for environmental sustainability, I founded Ozone Run at the age of 15, aiming to enhance green cover in cities like Hyderabad. This initiative gained recognition and support from esteemed organizations like Green India Challenge and the British Deputy High Commissioner, earning me the ‘Climate Action Ambassador’ title. To further promote eco-consciousness, I authored ‘Green Steps,’ a book advocating individual actions to reduce carbon footprints. Through collaborations and community involvement, I strive to create a greener, more sustainable future.

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Entrepreneurial Ventures

Explore my journey as a young food entrepreneur, founding Foodiet at the age of 9 and receiving recognition for my healthy snacking store, showcasing dedication to quality and organic ingredients.

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I initiated my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 9, establishing Foodiet, a venture dedicated to crafting healthy, organic snacks. Through my dedication and passion for food, I aimed to provide children with nutritious options. The recognition I received at events like the School Preneur Summit and Kitchen India Expo boosted my confidence and encouraged me to maintain the quality and taste of our in-house prepared snacks. This commitment led to increased demand, allowing me to cater to numerous school and private party orders.

Philanthropic Initiatives

Learn about my commitment to various social causes, including tree plantation campaigns, hair donations for cancer patients, support for orphanages and old age homes, and involvement in initiatives like Save Water And Nature (SWAN).

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My heart lies in philanthropic endeavors, starting from my early years. I actively volunteered for causes like Save Water And Nature (SWAN) and initiated campaigns like ‘Adopt a Tree & Save Earth’ at the age of 5. Over time, I became a brand ambassador for Treeism and donated thousands of tree saplings to combat heat waves in Hyderabad. Additionally, I contributed by donating my hair twice to cancer patients, supported various social causes, and volunteered for multiple initiatives such as car-free Thursdays, Raahagiri, and Rally for Rivers.

Community Engagement

Explore my active involvement in community-driven events like cleanup drives, plantation campaigns, and support for social initiatives like Hyderabad Urban Makeover, Rally for Rivers, and Raahagiri, aiming to create a positive impact on society.

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Engaging with my community has been a cornerstone of my journey. I actively participate in cleanup drives, plantation campaigns, and support initiatives like Hyderabad Urban Makeover, Rally for Rivers, and Raahagiri. My contributions extend to various social causes, including supporting orphanages, old age homes, and initiatives like Bring a Smile and Project Recycle Bin. Through these engagements, I aim to make a positive impact and inspire others to join the movement toward a better society.


Before & After

The lake was cleaned and restored to its pristine beauty. A bund on all four sides and proper boundaries along with jogging and cycling tracks was established. A clear path surrounding the lake was made, with conventional sanitation standards. We cleared the undergrowth, and stopped open defecation, and removed encroachment. Even amidst the lockdown protocols and a deadly virus spreading terror, our committed team persisted on the completion of the urban lake revival of Meedikunta.


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